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Caymanian Vessels


Cimboco, the first locally-owned motor ship, was known as the lifeline of the Cayman Islands. Its cargo introduced Caymanians to ice and exotic foods and it carried locals needing to visit Jamaica. The Cimboco also provided freight, passenger and mail ser

Cimboco: "In 1926, the Cayman Islands Motor Boat Company had built the 120 ton motor ship at the George Town yard on North Church Street in Grand Cayman. Cimboco (an anogram of the company’s name) was launched in 1927.

The S.S. Goldfield was built in 1930. Many well-known Caymanian families have a deep connection to this ship as it was built here, crewed by locals, and owned by a local businessman. It was primarily a turtling schooner in its early days

PBY Catalina Flying Boat over George Town

Wreck & Catboats

Boys Boats on Ironshore

S.S. Caymania

Capt. Bennie Bodden

Old Georgetown Dock

CI Port Authority Harbour Patrol Boat

Catboat on Beach

Schooner Jemsons at Anchor

Capt. Charles Farringtons Nunoca at Isle of Pines

Lady Slater

Catboat Blue Shadow

Landing Freight - Hog Sty Bay


HMS Warship leaving with TRNVR Caymanian Seamen all volunteers

Pirates Landing in Hog Stye Bay

Royal Mail in front of old Court House (now the Museum)

Catboat Sailors Two

S.S. Caymania

S.S. Caymania

Old West Bay Beach