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This Blog is designed to allow that which may be of interest to Cayman Seafarers, family or friends. Readers are invited to submit their own stories.



The Inagua Sound by Capt. Paul Hurlston

21 February, 2017

The Inagua Sound transports 350 ton reactor up the US rivers to Washington State

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STORMS AND CALAMITIES-Loss of the Majestic by Carolyn Ebanks Watson

02 December, 2016

A storm was brewing and the Cayman turtle rangers were fishing on the Moskito banks. Dr. Roy McTaggart managed to get his 50 ton Schooner out of George Town harbour to bring home the Seaman from the Cays The crew on the Majestic were mostly from East End and most of the had family out there turtling.

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A COIL OF ROPE by John Douglas

03 November, 2016

This is a picture of a coil of rope which was used in days gone by to purchase food from the local shop. In those days there were no supermarkets. I lived in North Side, to be exact in Hut Land. There were two little shops where you could purchase mainly food, flour, sugar, corn meal, lard, and a few other products.

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The Rope Industry as written by Hoyt C. Ebanks

17 October, 2016

Thatch rope, crafted from the dried leaves of the Silver Thatch Palm was a highly prized commodity in its time. Favoured by fishermen and turtlers for its resistance to the effects of salt water, the making and trading of rope was the dominant land-based industry in Cayman for many years. The significance of thatch rope has earned it a permanent place on the nation's flag.

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What Is the Age of Sail? as written by Jessica Ellis

13 June, 2009

The Age of Sail is generally classified as the late 15th to mid-19th century, when trade was dominated by ship trade. This expansive era is responsible for the massive exodus from Europe to the Americas and the foundations of a truly global economy. The Age of Sail is also remembered for its destructive impact, as it dictated the slave trade through Europe and North America.

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